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Finding Full Assurance of Faith
The New Covanant In Three Dimensions
An Examination of the "Finished Work of Christ"

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Finding Full Assurance of Faith
Reaching new heights in your relationship with God.

The New Covenant in Three Dimension
An Examination of the "Finished Work of Christ."

A practical understanding of the new covenant is important to each believer. The apostle Paul wrote an entire letter to the churches at Galatia because they were preoccupied with a mixture of the new and old covenants and he warned that this was becoming a real problem. In fact, he referred to this perversion as "another gospel" in Gal 1:6. The devil would like nothing more than to water down Christianity by addition and subtraction to rob the Christian of his joy and his freedom (Galatians 5:1).

This work is intended to help believers understand the dynamics of the new covenant as Jesus taught them through John's Gospel and other Scriptures. The transition from the old covenant to the new covenant was a real struggle for the first century church as evidenced by the first church council in Jerusalem (Acts 15). Just as the Apostle Peter had difficulty with it, this struggle continues today through many different movements which undermine the purity of the gospel of grace and cause great division within the church. Having a firm grasp of the important dynamics of the new covenant allows us to discern when the devil tries to pervert the truth and helps bring believers into the abundant life that Jesus had intended each believer to experience!

One Review
"Finding Full Assurance of Faith", teaches us we have a structure and ability in the new covenant to live the Christian life Fully assured and deeply secure in our faith. It teaches our roots as children of God are not in ourselves, but in grace, in the infinite mind and heart of God. The true faith of Jesus Christ we received at salvation is a faith that is fully assured. Pastor Bill Alderson's book, "Finding Full Assurance of Faith" helps us back to the God centered gospel of the new covenant. - Ged Velaitis


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